Buddha Birthday Festival 2014

I attended the Buddha Birth Day Festival at Southbank in 2014. It was a beautiful celebration of Asian culture, religion and deep spirituality. It was also a clear showcase of diversity in Australia, with people from all walks of life participating in the festivities. These photographs are just a snippet of the rich colours and joy at the festival.

X Factor in Brisbane

As part of my assessment for Visual Journalism this semester, I photographed a performance by some X Factor contestants in Brisbane Square. Here are a few of my favourite snaps from the day.

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Compilation Reel

I studied Visual Journalism as part of my degree in 2013. I have made a compilation reel, or visual portfolio, to showcase the work I achieved during the semester.

It’s a bit rough as I was still in the process of learning how to properly edit video footage. I gained some more experience with editing using Premier Pro for post production of The Rundown, which is a news show created by UQ Journalism and Communication students each week.

Check out my compilation reel here:

Visual storytelling of a not-for-profit community centre

These photographs are from the monthly dance, Bust a Move (BAM), for members of the disabled community and their families at Specialised Programs and Community Endeavours (s.p.a.c.e.).

These photographs are from the Bust a Move (BAM) dancing class at s.p.a.c.e.

Diving Ducks at UQ Lakes

Diving ducks at UQ Lakes

Experiment with lighting in 2012: Who Am I


Graveyard 2012

Visual Art Project on Teen Suicide in 2011