Festival of Colours Comes to Brisbane

Red, yellow, blue, purple and green… Today the people of Brisbane took part in the art of colour throwing. The Spring Flare was a spectacular celebration where people from all walks of life came together for one day to immerse themselves in our diverse culture. Continue reading “Festival of Colours Comes to Brisbane”


Run for charity

Today I ran the 5 km Bridge to Brisbane race with a few friends for the Wonder Factory at the Royal Children’s Hospital. After a scenic run through colourful crowds – some dressed head to toe in decorative costumes – and along the river, we arrived at the finish line. The water mist sprays and watermelon were a welcome treat, along with our new “well-done-on-finishing-the-race” t-shirts. We then had a look around at all the stalls and festivities going on for the event. It was a great day and I would recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors and exercise – plus all the funds go to charity!

We were “lucky” enough to be interviewed after the race, when I wasn’t looking my best. You can watch the interview here.