Pitch for Investigative Journalism Project at UQ

In recent years the Sunshine Coast has had a lot of publicity from high profile Queensland Police Service (QPS) matters, such as the crackdown on bikie gang networks and the investigation into the abduction and murder of Daniel Morcombe. These types of events bring communities together and generally see them investing their trust into their local police to protect them in a just and fair way. But do these events also carry the consequence of an increased level of police presence? Is the amount of officers out in force really necessary? What are the attitudes of locals and experts to the police presence in the Sunshine Coast region? Do the actions and attitudes of police at the Coast reflect a bigger issue about police power and control? Through a thorough investigation of varying viewpoints and angles, this story will reveal some interesting answers to these questions.

Local Vanuatu and Pacific Islands community band together for Cyclone recovery effort

While access to the islands affected by the destruction of Cyclone Pam was limited and communication networks were down, a group in the Brisbane community organised immediate support for their family and friends overseas.

The Vanuatu Cyclone Relief Group on Facebook worked as a platform to build support and collect much-needed donations and resources to send over to the islands.

I spoke with Alfred Quai, a representative of the Vanuatu and Pacific Islands community, in the news and current affairs program at 4ZZZ 102.1FM.

Please click here to listen online.

Buddhism in Australia

A Brisbane festival is now the largest Buddha Birthday celebration in the world. In a time where many have shied away from faith, Ellie McLachlan explores why more and more people are turning to Buddhism.