New employment as a Journalism Tutor

It’s certainly a change to be back in the suburban landscape of Brisbane after coming from a long holiday in the bush of Central Queensland. I’m looking forward to a very productive year, all the while moving forward with my experience in journalism, which will hopefully be improved as I start my new position as Tutor in Journalism at The Women’s College, within the University of Queensland (UQ).

While juggling my third year of study at UQ with my busy social and sporting lifestyle, this new position will allow me to sit down with the ‘Wooza’s’ of The Women’s College each week to assist them in their studies.

Yesterday I met all my students officially for the first time – their thirst for journalism is clear and somewhat inspiring! I can tell we will have many interesting and thought provoking discussions.

Each week I will be responsible for organising the structure of the tutorials, answering questions, communicating with the girls in class and via email or Facebook, as well as marking any assessment drafts they may be working on.

I’m finding it a great change to be on the other end of the learning experience for the first time. Still being a student myself, it is exciting for me to swap seats and share my knowledge with this group of keen, young journalists.

I hope I can make a beneficial difference to their study experience, and inspire them to continue down this exciting career path. We as journalists have a great skill that, once discovered, should be used to communicate the truth to the world – and these girls have what it takes!



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