Syrian Refugee Crisis

Today I read a first person account of the current Syrian refugee crisis, and I can tell you it revealed some disturbing truths, one of which particularly resonated with me.

The fact is that the international community is just trying to focus all their efforts on keeping the refugees alive and safe for now, and not looking to the future. Although I appreciate the help being provided to these people, I can also see the damaging effects that living in an enclosed encampment could have on a person.

As mentioned in the article, there is no attention being paid to educating the thousands of young Syrian refugees. If we don’t start addressing this issue soon, we will have allowed a generation of uneducated people to be born, who in a few years from now will be “ripe for radicalisation”. Although the most pertinent issue to face right now is disarmament and emergency humanitarian aid, we can not let a cycle of uneducated Syrians who hold deep seated grudges to exist. This will only lead to a continuation of this tragic conflict.

As a student myself, I know the benefits that education can have in developing a person in a truly positive way. My wish is that one day everyone will have the opportunity to grow and experience the things that would not have been possible for me without education.

I realise there is no easy solution to any of the problems in Syria or for the refugees. I just don’t want the international community to forget these people.

You can find the article here.



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