Festival of Colours Comes to Brisbane

Red, yellow, blue, purple and green… Today the people of Brisbane took part in the art of colour throwing. The Spring Flare was a spectacular celebration where people from all walks of life came together for one day to immerse themselves in our diverse culture. From bands, to cultural performers, to dancing dragons, to delicious delicacies, to endless amounts of coloured powder – this event had it all! The festival was inspired by the Holi Festival of Colours, which is celebrated in South East Asia annually, upon the arrival of Spring.

I am fortunate enough to live close to where the Spring Flare was held. I spent the day reporting on the event for a Visual Journalism assignment (of which I will post when the editing is complete). One of the main event organisers, Yastele, was more than willing to answer my questions about the importance of celebrating diversity by coming together. I also spoke to several other cultural groups who had activity stalls at the event, such as the Vietnamese Cultural Society. Their Bamboo Dancing was a very unique activity that greatly amused and involved the crowd – I was even convinced to have a go!

Today proved to be a symbol of togetherness and cultivated a great deal of human spirit. I look forward to attending the Spring Flare again next year!

Get coloured, get cultured!



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